Key Magazine releases spring 2021 issue online, in print

Hunter Huffman and Hunter Huffman

The spring 2021 edition of Key Magazine is now available online, and a print version will be available across campus Friday, April 16.

Editor-in-Chief Kylie Tusing wrote, “For months we existed only within the few walls that put together our homes. We have adjusted to online classes taught by professors who are just now using Canvas to its full capabilities. Learning how to function within the spaces of the internet and realizing (possibly for the first time) that we cannot just live in the confines of technology. We were left with memories of what the union used to be like and the reality of what it is now. This year, we lost pieces and parts of what made our communities whole then we found new ways to put it back together.”

“Each story told within this issue is a tribute to the perseverance, determination and success that despite the odds being against BGSU students were still able to gain.”