Five albums released during quarantine everyone needs to hear

dua lipa

dua lipa

Emily Ott and Emily Ott

The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped many things, but it didn’t stop artists from writing and releasing music. A few artists were able to squeeze albums out before the lockdown started, but most have been trying to record, write and promote albums from the safety of their own homes. Here are the five albums released during quarantine that I can’t stop listening to:

5. “Future Nostalgia”- Dua Lipa

“Future Nostalgia” is the second studio album to be released by UK artist Dua Lipa. The album was released on March 27. The album is labeled as synth-pop and dance-pop. Lipa created an ‘80s pop concept for the production and look of the album. The album contains 13 songs.

4. “Gaslighter” – The Chicks

After 14 years without releasing a new studio album, The Chicks released “Gaslighter” on July 17. The album was produced by Jack Antonoff and labeled The Chicks’ “comeback album.” The album contains 12 songs full of country instrumentals and lyrics. 

3. “After Hours” – The Weekend

“After Hours” is the fourth studio album by The Weekend. The album is labeled as R&B and dream pop. The album was released on March 20. There are 14 songs on the album.

2. “Plastic Hearts” – Miley Cyrus

Cyrus is known for changing her aesthetic for every album release. For her release of “Plastic Hearts,” Cyrus took on an ‘80shair-band rock aesthetic. The album was released on Nov. 27 and is labeled as pop and glam rock. The album contains 15 songs counting the three covers of ‘80s rock songs Cyrus added to help build the ambiance of the album.

1. “Folklore” & “Evermore” – Taylor Swift

These sister albums were released respectively on July 24 and Dec. 11 The two albums are full of folk-pop instrumentals and folklore storytelling. These two albums contain over 30 songs that all tie together and tell their own parts of Swift’s storyline.