Waterparks experiment with new sound on new single, Snow Globe

Alicia Kobasic and Alicia Kobasic

Today pop rock band, Waterparks dropped their new song, “Snow Globe”. This track is from their upcoming album, “Greatest Hits”, which they announced is to be released on May 21. This will be their fourth album.

Waterparks are known for changing up their sound which each release and “Snow Globe” is no different. On this track, we hear the band experimenting with a more electronic sound. We heard a bit of this on their previous record, “Fandom” which was released in 2019. 

This song features a lot of keyboard throughout the song. The song intros with a piano line that almost sounds like you are falling down a whole, or snowflake falling down to the ground. Then it transitions into more electronic sounding.  The piano is paired with a catchy drum/clap beat throughout the pre-chorus and chorus. The Chorus is where we hear a lot of the electronic albums. It is clear a lot of production went into this song. The mixing is very well done you can all of the elements, from bass, to piano, to vocal effects, all working together to create a unique sound. This is clearly heard during the outro where you hear the electronic beats, mixed with Knight’s vocals, some backing vocals and other effects. 

The lyrics on this song describe Awsten Knight’s feelings and struggles as he and the band gained popularity. He sings lines like, “Cause all I hear is, ‘I love you so much’/ but it starts to mean nothing/ when my heart is shut from you”. Knight is describing how he is numb and closed off from the constant praise and love that he constantly hears and sees online as it has become normal.

He also sings in the chorus, “I’ve been quiet, all the evil things you say like/ ‘everybody hates you’ ‘people miss the old you’/ ‘They hate everything that they all changed you into’”. These lyrics describe the thoughts he has about people not liking who has become and wanting the old Awsten back. Throughout the song he describes how it feels as if his and the bands fate and career are in the hands of the fans. 

What also shines is the variety of vocals used by Knight. The use of vocals effect help bring the song to life. However, his vocals alone make the song. You can feel the emotion behind the lyrics. The dynamics he uses in his voice, he has moments of quiet and moments where it is louder, but not in your face. He also uses a vocal range throughout the song. He has moments in his higher range, but then drops down to a lower range, but then back up. It all comes together to make this song unique. 

“Snow Globe”, is a song that I have on repeat and is one you should as well. Everything comes together to make this song perfect. It is something new for Waterparks, but is still something when you listen, you know it is Waterparks. If this is an indicator to what is to come for the album, it will be an album you are going to want to check out. 

You can stream the song on Spotify