Admin demolition leaves memories in rubble


Admin Rubble

Ryan Dick and Ryan Dick

Demolition of the 60-year-old Administration Building is wrapping up as the location is cleared for the construction of a new campus gateway.

But as the wrecking ball drops for the final time, erasing the 10-story building from campus, one story remains.

Matt Schaedler is the crane operator in charge of dropping the 15,000-pound wrecking ball on top of the Administration building — or what’s left of it.

While smashing through walls and windows seems like a lot of fun, Schaedler said it’s hard work both physically and mentally.

“You hoist the ball up and you have to let off the brake. Then you got to catch it at the end. The brakes push hard and it’s hard on your legs and your knees,” he said. “If something goes wrong, someone could get seriously hurt.”

After 25 years on the job, the demolition project at BGSU is just another building for Schaedler. But for BGSU Senior Project Manager Bob Boucher, the demolition is much more.

“I’ve worked in this building for 20 years. So, I’m kind of seeing its demise so-to-speak,” Boucher said.

His office was on the 10th floor, the first floor destroyed by Schaedler.

The building has since been reduced to a pile of concrete and metal.

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However, Boucher will always have memories of his old office and the unforgettable view that attracted locals to the tallest building in town.

“It’s kind of a good view up there,” Boucher said. “You can look out over the city and see the sunset. [On the other side] you can see the whole campus.”

“We’d let a few people go in the conference room and my office and look out over the area here and just kind of check things out,” he said.

It’s a view that can no longer be shared.

But once Schaedler has completed demolition and the traditional gateway can be added to the west end of campus, a new view will be created.

“Everybody will be more impressed when they see what the final product is,” Boucher said. “It’ll be much better than looking at [the Administration Building].”

The new gateway will have more green space and room for campus events, while serving as a gathering point for students.