Maggie Lindemann explores new genres on debut EP “PARANOIA”

PARANOIA EP artwork 

‘PARANOIA’ EP artwork 

Brittany Line and Brittany Line

On January 22 Maggie Lindemann released her debut EP, PARANOIA. Lindemann first came on my radar back in 2018 when she was featured on the song “Personal” with The Vamps. I’ve followed her music since then with the release of “Human” later that year and “Friends Go” in 2019. However, “PARANOIA” has moved into genres that her previous music hasn’t gone.

The EP kicks off with the pop-punk song “Knife Under My Pillow”. It’s a relatively short song, only running at two minutes and three seconds, but it’s one of my favorites from the EP. It’s a strong opener and was the first single released on August 28, 2020. Some of the other punk inspired songs on the EP include “It’s Not Your Fault”, and my personal favorite of the unreleased songs, “Crash and Burn”.

One of the more talked about tracks from the EP is “GASLIGHT!” Featuring alternative artist, Siiickbrain. Alternative Press has categorized the song as metal, and while this isn’t really my style, if you enjoy screamo it may be perfect. After a quiet opening of “Yeah, turn down the volume or we all gon’ go deaf”, Siiickbrain begins with the screamo pre-chorus of the track. Lindemann then carries a softer tone in the chorus, followed by Siiickbrain doing the same. This song and “Sissorhands”, another track on the EP, show the different styles of music Lindemann is interested in exploring, and that she can pull it off.

Lastly, there are a few songs more similar to her past pop releases. One of these is a sentimental ballad titled “Love Songs”. On Twitter Lindemann said the song was originally written for her boyfriend, but other people she showed also enjoyed the song, so it made it on the EP. The songs “Loner” and “Different” are also a bit softer and talk about Maggie’s more personal thoughts.

Overall, “PARANOIA” is a strong EP and we absolutely love the genre-bending music within it. Maggie Lindemann has a presence in many different areas of music and can go pretty much anywhere from here. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to her EP, we definitely recommend checking it out and we’re excited to see where Lindemann chooses to take her career in the future.