Online shopping makes waiting worth it


Shopping 3/3

As society advances in technology, shopping is one of the many luxuries that has improved over time. Shopping can be done online or in-store. Now, there are disadvantages and advantages for taking the hike to an actual store, but there are also disadvantages with shopping online and waiting for a product to get shipped. 

Overall, online shopping is my personal favorite. Most of the time, online shopping ends up being cheaper than in-store due to promotions from third-party sites, easier access to coupons and the simple pleasure of shopping in your pajamas. 

If you can wait to get a package, I would recommend shopping online. There are pros and cons to both. 


Online shopping


  1. Easily accessible without leaving your house

Shopping can be done anywhere: in bed, while walking down the block or in your car. Groceries can be purchased online and picked up in one or two hours. It eliminates the time commitment to hunt down every item within the store and instead leaves it up to the employees of the store or the disturbers to find the products. 

  1. Can be cheaper as coupons are just a few clicks away

I find it easier to look up coupon codes and save when I’m shopping online. In-store you’d normally have to print out a coupon, remember to bring it with you and try to get a deal the coupon applies to. Meanwhile online, by opening another tab, I can do research on millions of coupons online to see if there are any deals that can apply to my order. 



  1. Waiting to get what you bought

While the time commitment and effort to go to the store is nearly eliminated, it costs more to get items shipped to you. There are usually shipping fees and higher taxes, and as a result, it potentially costs more; plus you have to wait for your products. Depending on the company, shipping can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Weighing the cost factor with the shipping period is important to see if shopping online is worth the wait or if it’s easier to pick up at the store. 

  1. Items could be lost or damaged

Any item that is shipped has a chance of getting stolen, lost or damaged. Since packages arrive in a mailbox or on the doorstep, people can steal your package. Mail carriers can also improperly label a box. Sometimes these simple mistakes can result in a late delivery or not receiving a package at all. 


In-store shopping


  1. Physically see the products in store

For clothing, you can always try on an item. With online shopping, you run the risk of buying a product that may not fit, which makes the waiting process twice as long if you have to return an item. Seeing the items in-person allows the buyer to have a better idea of the physical appearance. When it comes to furniture shopping, you can measure the dimensions in store to see, which is especially important. As furniture needs to be transported, it’s vital to get the exact proportions as it may not fit in your vehicle or through the doorway.

  1. Immediately buy an item without the hassle of waiting 

There are no shipping or waiting periods to get your items. As soon as you leave the store, you can wear your new apparel or use the product immediately after buying it. 



  1. Limited quantities

Companies have a limited stock of in-store products, which means they can run out. Stores hold different products than others do, which can make going to a store inconvenient for anyone who is looking for a specific item. Store clerks usually encourage customers to order online or check at another location. 

  1. Apparel tried on by numerous people every day

Sometimes you cannot immediately wear a new product after buying it because you may have to wash it. Numerous customers come in and try on clothes without buying them. Knowing this can be uncomfortable. Ordering online allows the buyer to receive the product brand new. 

Overall, whether you buy an item in store or online simply depends on the item you want and how long you can go without having it. As online shopping seems faster, easily accessible and sometimes more affordable, it provides a better service than in store shopping, especially for college students always on the go. However, in store shopping is critical for products you need immediately or if the product you are purchasing is apparel.