BG News presents special edition on primary elections



Falcon Media’s BG News is your source for online articles and a weekly newspaper. 

Special edition newspapers are the BG News’ monthly newspaper, focusing on various different topics relevant to college students and the Bowling Green community. 

Forum Editor Mary Ross says special edition newspapers are a new and welcome addition to the BG News. 

“Special Editions are meant to bring light to various themes and important topics. Our upcoming special edition will be in stands next Monday with election coverage including primaries, caucuses and general election information,” she said.

This upcoming Monday, the special edition for the month of March will include information on presidential candidates, national issues important to Ohio voters, primary election details and columns from peer voters about their Election Day plans and thoughts about other topics discussed in news stories. 

This guide is meant to give students and community members the resources they need to make an educated primary vote whether they have been tracking candidates from the beginning of the presidential race or have some catching up to do. 

“It’s important because many of our special editions are meant to be help guides to give students more information on topics that will help them in the long run,” Ross said. 

Examples of previous special editions include the How To BG issue, local election guide, relationship issue, Black History Month edition and mental health issue, all of which brought to light information about each of the topics that are otherwise left undiscussed for the most part. 

Future special editions will include an issue devoted to “adult” tasks college students have to learn how to do and a senior student spotlight issue. 

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