Board of Trustees prioritizes senior courses, offers paid leave options to select faculty



Hallie Riley and Hallie Riley

BGSU’s Board of Trustees held a conference call meeting Wednesday to discuss measures taken in response to Ohio’s state of emergency.

President Rodney Rogers said BGSU along with all universities in Ohio have been following Gov. Mike DeWine’s recommendations for higher education since he called for a state of emergency in Ohio over a week ago. 


Degree completion

The Board is committed to ensuring that students will not lose time toward degree completion. 

“We have already identified courses that our seniors are enrolled in, and we will prioritize those courses to make sure they are delivered well, so we don’t delay those seniors from graduating,” Provost Joe Whitehead said.

In addition, there will be an update later today on the progress of all courses transitioning to online platforms.


Student housing insecurity

Residence halls will continue to remain open for students who are unable to return to their permanent locations. 

“We will accommodate students who have nowhere to stay. … We are also beginning to promote our Student Emergency Fund to assist students facing housing insecurity,” Vice President for Student Affairs Thomas Gibson said.


Faculty and staff

Moving toward an online learning environment, Whitehead noted the current success in faculty training and collaboration among members.

“ITS and the Center for Faculty Excellence has done a great job in working behind the scenes to provide the technology infrastructure that is needed … as well as training for faculty who are not accustomed to delivering courses online,” Whitehead said. 

However, since there are limitations for courses that require an interactive environment, some members have been given an alternative. 

“Those individuals have been given the option to work in a social distancing environment or to take their paid leave. … Employees that have limited paid leaves: vacations, sick days and personal days … (have the option) to go negative in their leaves bank,” Rogers said.


Recruitment, incoming class of 2020-2021

Virtual live information events and family video calls will take place to recruit prospective students to the university. 

In addition, recruitment teams are now challenged with the rise of concern over employment and financial stability. 

“In order to combat financial strains of our incoming new freshman class, we have made a decision to open back up our automatic scholarship program. Anyone who applies after the deadline will be considered based on their criteria,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Cecilia Castellano said.


General information 

  • Courses will move to an online format beginning March 23.

  • The conclusion of spring term will be May 15.

  • Counseling and accessibility services will continue to support students via web access and teleservices. 

  • Remote course advising and career advising will take place.