Have feedback on BG rental properties? Take Bowling Green tenant’s survey

Hallie Riley and Hallie Riley

The Community Improvement Committee is focused on implementing stricter codes that will hold rental property owners more accountable. This will hopefully ensure that landlords abide by Ohio’s rental laws, reinforce public safety and prevent the overall loss in property value. 

Councilman Neocles Leontis said at the first BG City Council Meeting of the year, “The most effective way to achieve city-wide compliance of rental housing properties is through routine periodic inspections.”  

Since the committee has only been permitted to inspect property exteriors, they have created a survey to gain further insight on interior conditions that could violate public safety and health standards. This applies to those who are currently living or have lived in a rented space in Bowling Green within the last five years. 

“Currently, the City of BG does not require interior fire safety or health inspections,” according to the C.I.C. To address these concerns, the survey inquires about previous gas leaks, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, faulty wire installations and mold/mildew. 

The survey asks participants to elaborate on previous conflicts including eviction threats, escrowing rent (having to pay rent to the municipal court) and trouble with paying security deposits. In terms of utility costs and energy efficiency, the survey assesses the affordability and quality of expenses covering water, electricity and gas. Participants are also asked to rate their level of comfort during inclement weather conditions, and are encouraged to go more in depth about additional housing concerns not stated in the survey. 

The information provided will remain confidential and will aid the committee in identifying specific problems when it comes to Bowling Green rental properties.