5 songs to get you through the week

Rc and Rc

Nobody knows when the current pandemic is going to end. That being said, you should still be practicing the recommended guidelines to flatten the curve of COVID-19. That also being said, there are a ton of misleading messages if you are constantly listening to music while social distancing. That also also being said, here are five songs that talk about the opposite of what you should be doing right now.

Olivia Newton-John – ‘Physical’

While physical activities involving more than one person might have been acceptable back in 1981, or basically any other year to be honest, Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” is an anthem for what you should not be doing right now. Looking to be touchy-feely with that special someone? Stop that! Looking to run in a large group with other people who could be more vulnerable to the disease? No, sir! Looking to pick up a fun game of Squash with some chaps? Squash those thoughts and practice social distancing!

Quarterflash – ‘Harden My Heart’

‘Tis a shame that Quarterflash could only truly be described as a one-hit wonder since they never had a hit reach the heights of “Harden My Heart”, but at least they’ll be remembered for a true banger. As far as hardening your heart goes, don’t do that. Help the world flatten the curve, and stay inside so as to not overload the hospitals with more patients than necessary. Keep that heart soft! Regardless of how weird that sounded, have a heart and be kind to people during these trying times.

Billy Joel – ‘Scenes From an Italian Restaurant’

While restaurants have been shutting down due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, you just never know. That being said, do not venture out to eat at a restaurant. Especially an Italian restaurant. Not that there’s anything wrong with Italian restaurants. In fact, some spaghetti sounds pretty darn good right about now. Mmmmm. Yummy. Regardless, eat those crackers in your pantry at home, or order some takeout. And don’t touch the delivery person. They are at risk having to deal with people, and you won’t be making it any easier on them if you try and have a physical encounter with them.

Nu Shooz – ‘I Can’t Wait’

Yet another ‘80s one-hit wonder, and yet another track with words to live by in the title for these trying times. You can’t wait to go outside? In this economy? Newsflash: you can wait. You are not the only one who has had to put their social life on hold for the time being, and that means that you can wait just like everyone else for this to blow over. Do not be that guy who feels like he has to go hang out with friends just for the heck of it. Wait.

Three 6 Mafia – ‘Slob On My Knob’

Well, don’t do it.