5 shows to help you get into drama series


Breaking Bad

Zach Bankes and Zach Bankes

Sometimes drama series are hard to get into because the episodes are long and you don’t know if you have that kind of time. Your opinion often changes after a few episodes of these seat-grabbing series, because once you turn them on, it’s hard to turn them off. Here are some of the best drama series if you’re looking for something new during quarantine.

‘Sons of Anarchy’

Streaming on: Hulu

This series may be one of the hardest to turn off once it’s been started. You’ll be staying up late telling yourself, “just one more episode.” The show revolves around Jax Teller, a young rebel in a motorcycle club known as the Sons of Anarchy. The club was started by his late father and is now run by his step-father. As Jax begins making his way up the totem pole of the motorcycle club, he’ll quickly learn that the club is not something to be taken lightly, and even the smallest mistakes could wind up getting him and his loved ones killed. As the series progresses, you become attached to the characters and their unique stories that brought them to the club. While the episodes may be long, this is a series that will not disappoint. If you’ve finished the series and find yourself wanting more of the action, a spinoff called “Mayans M.C.” began in 2018, and packs just as much of a punch.

‘Breaking Bad’

Streaming on: Netflix

“Breaking Bad” is one of the most critically acclaimed drama series of the past 20 years, winning an Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2013, and Bryan Cranston winning Best Lead Actor three times. This series has it all: money, murder, drugs and mystery. The story starts by introducing high school science teacher Walter White and his extremely average life. The story soon takes a wild turn when Walter finds out he has cancer and may not recover. Walter takes this as an opportunity to take a few chances in life and see where it takes him. So, what would any sane person who just discovered they have cancer do? Begin making and selling methamphetamine, of course. He reconnects with a former student for the connections he needs to make a little extra cash. Once he begins earning the cash, he can’t get enough and situations start to get sticky. With all the trouble that lies ahead for Walter, he’ll wish he stuck with teaching.


Streaming on: Hulu

Where to begin with this series. With all the twists and turns the series takes, lost is what you’ll become if you don’t pay close attention. The series starts off with main character Jack Shephard in what seems to be a tropical forest. The series later cuts to a plane bound for Los Angeles that never arrives at its destination. A crash leaves the surviving members on a tropical island south of the Pacific. Not only must they figure out how to get off the island, but they must learn to get along and work together with complete strangers. For some, remaining calm is the answer. For others, the first instinct is to assume the fetal position and hope it’s all just a dream. The surviving members quickly learn that they aren’t the only ones on the island, and the island can play tricks on those who aren’t careful. One thing is for sure about the series, the ending is jaw dropping and you’ll be wondering what happened. The series is a great watch and leaves viewers confused and wanting more.

‘Prison Break’

Streaming on: Hulu

“Prison Break” is a series that packs major heat from the very first episode. The first season of this series alone is good enough to be its own series. “Prison Break” begins with Michael Scofield, a former architect, getting sent to prison for a botched robbery. The series makes you believe that Scofield was just not good at being a robber, but that’s all part of his plan. Scofield’s brother Lincoln was sentenced to death for a crime Michael believes he didn’t commit. Michael believes the only way to save his brother is by being put in jail with him so he can help him escape. Scofield is a mysterious man with a lot of secrets, and it’s these secrets that could end up saving him and his brother in the end. Not only does Scofield have to find a way to break him and his brother out of prison, but he must find a way to get by in the time it takes to do so. Making friends seems like the safest bet, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. With such a big task at hand, it’s always good to have connections, but those connections might end up costing him more than he bargained for.

‘Mad Men’

Streaming on: Netflix

You wouldn’t think that working for an advertising firm in the ‘60s would be a glamorous job, but nobody knows more about the upsides than Don Draper. Draper is the top ad man at Sterling Cooper, a successful advertising agency in New York. The story revolves around Draper’s life both inside and out of the office. With Draper’s wealth and his position, it’s easy for the two to become intertwined. Draper not only has to woo the head boss, but manage to keep two women in his life happy. Draper seems like your everyday playboy, but he’s smarter than the average business tycoon. It’s these wits that could end up getting him in trouble if he’s not careful. If you find yourself wondering why everything isn’t like it was in the ‘60s, just know that you’re not the only one.