Trends at NYC fashion week reveal fantasy, glam, simplicity

Kylie Tusing and Kylie Tusing

This previous week and for the next three weeks, hundreds will gather around the world to see the fall and winter 2020 fashion collections. New York City was the launching point and the styles were endless. From fashion comebacks, new designs and breaking into the wedding industry, designers left the crowds speechless.

Picture Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”and Wendy from “Peter Pan,” because Marc Jacobs entered the world of fantasy and nostalgia with his 2020 collection. Featuring Gigi Hadid and Miley Cyrus, Jacobs’ collection was the talk of the week and stole the viewers’ attention.  The outfits played into the simplicity of the business realm and everyday wear. With knee-high socks and stockings under shift and princess seam dresses.

This season, the color palettes were a wide variety between classic neutrals, warm tones and bright pastels. Identical for every outfit combination were the style of both shoes and outerwear. Shoes were short, 1-inch black heels and flats in different variations, but still the same concept. Outerwear matched each outfit but took the style of a peacoat varying in lengths. This season Marc Jacobs perfected the middle ground of everyday style and elegance.

Designer Emilia Wickstead and Victoria Beckham designed pieces that were elegant, practical and can be worn in the business realm and everyday life. Color palettes included natural tones and bright shades with everyday pieces combined to create a sense of business and simplicity. Looks from Wickstead stood out not for the uniqueness of pieces but the longer-length style that each model represented, while Beckham created different looks from various patterns with high-knee boots. Again, the viewers see longer-length styles tying into a more conservative look. 

Different staples were seen from every designer and celebrity every day. Kendall Jenner showed up to the Longchamp wearing a turtleneck sweater, long leather shorts and knee-high boots. Ashley Benson was also spotted wearing tucked-in pants with knee-high boots in neutral tones. Most celebrities sported similar fashions to Jenner and Benson. 

Trends we’ll see this fall vary between fashion wraps, an orange color palette, floral and simplistic designs. A trend that was seen several times during NYC Fashion Week was the idea of sustainability. Many designers commented that shoes their models wore were recycled. Designer Jonathan Cohen teamed up with Dr. Martens to create sustainable boots with up-cycled Swarovski crystals for their models. Even more so, designers have stated that many pieces were inspired by the ability to up-cycle and make it simple. 

Due to the versatile looks and combinations of updating or restyling a wardrobe would cease to be challenging. Designers went back to the basics this season, giving a wide variety and ability to personalize any look and still look modern.