Valentine’s Day gift-guide for BFFs

Kylie Tusing and Kylie Tusing

Though Valentine’s Day is usually marketed around celebrating our love for our significant others, we also may want to celebrate our love for our friends! Here is a miniature gift guide on ways to celebrate your friends this Valentine’s Day. 



Gifts for friends are some of the best gifts because not many people know you better than your best friend. Here are some ideas that can get the ball rolling. 

1. Canvas: Paint cute canvases of favorite movie quotes, encouragement, Bible verses or inside jokes. 

2. Decorate a coffee mug or wine glass: I’ve done these projects a few times and the recipient always loved it! 

3. Friendship bracelets: These might take some practice but they are totally cute especially if you add little charms. 

4. Scrunchies/tote bags: This might be biased, but both are very in style right now and if you could create cute ones, then I see the gift opportunity. 


Spa night 

There is nothing that compares to wine, streaming marathons and face masks with your friends. Having a little do-it-yourself spa night can be kept cost efficient and is also fun. 

Step one: make a list of what you and your girlfriends want to accomplish that night. Are you focusing on skin care, nails or both?  Skin care calls for face masks, lip exfoliator and a sugar scrub. Nail care can range from manicure set with nail polish to doing press-on acrylics at home. 

Step two: grab some snacks and turn a rom-com, reality TV or a total chick flick. Make sure to grab the polaroid camera and don’t forget to take pictures!


Brunch Date 

Going out to fancy restaurants can add up quickly so breakfast food is not only a cheaper alternative but also universally appropriate at any time. After going away to college, anytime my best friend and I saw each other, we totally grabbed brunch. Also, who doesn’t love eating bottomless french toast or pancakes topped with chocolate chips? Dress up a little more than casual, take photographs and potentially throw in a gift exchange or just appreciate the time spent! Here are some places to grab brunch!


1. The Scrambler in Perrysburg is affordable and also a restaurant where looking cuter is not going to be seen as overdressing. 

2. Waffle House in Bowling Green is also super affordable and it’s open 24-hours, which means you can still make time to go get brunch with your friend no matter what time of day you end up scheduling the brunch for!

3. Kermits in Bowling Green is cheap and cheerful! The cozy atmosphere is perfect for a pair or group of friends to grab brunch without breaking the bank.