Caleb Biggers is coming into the 2020 season with different mindset


Caleb Biggers

Clark Ping and Clark Ping

Caleb Biggers was one of the leaders of a young BGSU defense last season. This season he looks to do that while raising his game to a new level.

In 2019, Biggers started 10 games and had at least one tackle in every appearance.

When asked about his favorite moment from last season, he spoke about the game against Toledo, where the Falcons defeated their rival 20-7.

“Everybody was together. The crowd was hype, the sideline was hype, it was just all focused in and driven with success,” he said.

That mindset is exactly what Biggers hopes to carry into the 2020 season.

“I’m trying to be different. Have a different mindset, have a different playing style, gotta win each and every rep, and when I’m out there on the field I gotta have that dog mentality,” Biggers said.

Biggers’s “dog mentality” is what keeps him locked in to reach his goals for the season.

“When I’m out there, I’m changed. I have that ‘eat.’ I gotta get hungry. I gotta eat. So every ball that comes my way, I gotta get it. I’m a playmaker so I gotta win.”

Biggers says he has multiple goals this season, but he mainly wants to show the world just how good he truly is.

“My personal goal is to be the best corner in the MAC,” Biggers said.

BGSU is set to take on Toledo in the first game of the 2020 season. Biggers is excited to get another shot at their archrival. 

“It’s a blessing to have an opportunity to play against Toledo. My mindset is to make everybody be a leader on the team when I’m out there.”

Biggers is heading into the season with a motivation to make his teammates better, but to also make a point.

“Communicate to each and every DB, linebacker and D-lineman, and just have that mentality when I’m out there that I want to show people what I’m about. I want to prove people wrong. That I will be the best corner in the MAC.”

In terms of leadership, Biggers says he feels a greater pressure this year. With a new class of freshmen below him, he feels their eyes watching him and seeing how he works.

“There’s a lot of pressure when you have incoming freshmen looking up to you that see each and every rep that you do on and off the field. You try to make them better, try to make them become leaders in the future,” Biggers said.

More than anything, Biggers is ready to play, and to see his team improve from their 3-9 effort last season.