Student-run businesses to shop from on Black Friday


Student Businesses

Amelia Roberts and Amelia Roberts

The holiday season is here, and although there’s still Thanksgiving to get through, Christmas is coming fast.

For a lot of people this means stressing about what gifts to buy for who. Taking some of that stress off of where to buy, here is a list of student-run businesses as well as alumni-run businesses that sell amazing gifts for whoever you might be shopping for this holiday season. You’ll have the perfect gifts as well as the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting small, local businesses.

Student-Run Businesses

Word Strings Co

Word Strings Co is a company run by Erika Glover. The company sells custom embroidered and printed apparel. They sell many different different things including beanies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tote bags and more. The apparel includes uplifting phrases printed or embroidered on them such as “love your neighbor,” “with love, always,” “everyday may we practice heaven,” and many more! They have several designs, so it’s easy to find the perfect one you’re looking for. To see more from Word Strings Co, visit their website or their Instagram page, @wordstringsco.

Crochet Ok

Crochet Ok is a business run by Bri Scebbi. The business sells custom crochet pieces. At first crocheting was just a hobby to help Scebbi manage her mental health, but it soon blossomed into a business. Some of the crotched pieces include sweaters, scrunchies, earrings and headbands. There are many colors and designs to choose from, which makes it easy to find a unique piece for whoever you’re shopping for. To see more from Crotchet Ok, visit their website or their Instagram page, @crotchetokshop.

Styles by Myles

Styles by Myles is a business run by Myles Johnson. The business sells shorts, beanies, hoodies, candles and much more.  Johnson says the business is “an expression of culture, and culture is an expression of freedom. We represent freedom of mind, body and spirit.” There’s something for everyone here, so you’ll definitely find something great. To see more from Styles by Myles, visit their website or visit their Instagram page, @thestylesbymyles.

Made by Katie

Made by Katie is a business run by Katie Tegenkamp. The business sells customizable digital portraits, as well as a recent coming out with a line of spooky stickers. They sell minimalistic portraits that would be a perfect personal gift idea for a family member or loved one. You can also choose to have your portrait as the cover of one of your favorite songs! To see more from Made by Katie, visit their Instagram page, @madebykatieco.

Reborn Hair Essentials

Reborn Hair Essentials is a business run by Genesis Fennel. The company sells hair care products and accessories. Fennel states that Reborn Hair Essentials is the place to get “your cute but protective hair accessories.” The company sells hair products such as gel and conditioner, as well as accessories such as bonnets and scarves to protect your hair. They also sell Reborn Hair Essentials merchandise such as tank tops and t-shirts. Whether a hair product or accessory, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. To see more from Reborn Hair Essentials, visit their website or visit their instagram page, @rebornhairessentials. 

Alumni-Run Businesses

The Cozy Home

The Cozy Home is a company run by Kyle Weimer. The business sells home decor including candles, blankets, throw pillows and more. Some of the designs include tribal print, rainbow and the phrase ‘good vibes only.’ There’s also around a dozen different scents of candles to choose from. These comforting items would be an easy gift to give to a family member or loved one this holiday season that they would be bound to enjoy. To see more from The Cozy Home, visit their website

The Midwest Loft

The Midwest Loft is a business run by BGSU alum Mackenzie Clymer. The apparel store sells sweaters, jackets, leggings, jewelry and more. The business says that they aim to “Empower women of every age and size to realize their exceptional beauty. We wish to spark the confidence that women deserve in themselves for every occasion.” They have clothing and jewelry with many different designs, so it’s sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one for whomever you might be shopping for. To see more from The Midwest Loft, visit their website

Earrings by Lex

Earrings by Lex is a business run by Lexi Mills. The business hand draws and hand paints customizable earrings. Some of the earring designs include spooky ones, cartoon characters, alcoholic beverages and more. There’s plenty of designs to choose from so it will be easy finding the perfect pair for anyone you’re shopping for. To see more from Earrings by Lex, visit their Instagram page, @lexmakesearrings.