5 songs to get you through the week



Conor Smener and Conor Smener

5. Kruder & Dorfmeister “King Size” 

I enjoy this song because it is very relaxing, and it is an easy listen. The beat of the song is very easy to move your head to and the ad libs keep the listener engaged with what is happening in the song.

4. The Playground “H E L M A U D – Hey Boi ! feat. Dixie”

 I enjoy this song because of the catchy beat as well as dance feel. The lyrics and sound of the song make it feel very modern and upbeat.

3.  The Playground “Das Mörtal – It Comes (single)”

I enjoyed this song because of its rap style beat as well as electronic elements. I believe that the musical artist does a very good job of fusing the two genres together while providing meaningful lyrics and a catchy beat to keep the listener engaged. 

2. Obylx “Skin” 

I enjoyed this song because I believe that the musical artist did very well at fusing pop and electronic together to create a very catchy chorus; as well as verses that help build to the chorus that give the listener a well-deserved payoff. I also enjoyed listening to the song because of the different elements of electronic music that were added to the verses to give the song a more dynamic sound. 

1. Catastrophe & Cure “Another Wave”

I enjoyed this song because it had a very alternative feel starting from the loud guitars during the intro of the song. The drums come in to assist the guitar riff which give the listener a very rhythmic beat with which they can move their head. I enjoyed the rhythmic feel of the song and enjoyed how each of the instruments were able to build off of each other giving the song a very full sound. The song is a very worthy addition to the alternative genre.