New Falcon Media branch: BG Authors

BG Authors - via BG Authors

BG Authors – via BG Authors

BG Authors is a project started by BGSU Alumni Lauren Carey, Stepha Poulin and Kyle Weimer in 2019 with the help of Karl Smith and Bob Bortel. Mary Ross is now creating the foundation for this organization.

The BG Authors website includes various blog posts, an online library, and information about authors connected to BGSU. It is a space for book recommendations, author profiles and notifications of book events in the Bowling Green community.

“The best part of BG Authors is it is creating a community of people to talk about something they all have in common — an appreciation for books. Even just a few weeks into the semester, I have had the chance to meet people I never would have had the chance to meet any other way and have loved hearing about their favorite books,” said Mary Ross, BG Authors Site Director.

BG Authors is looking for more students to help with content creation. Students interested could fill positions including contributor or copy editor. A contributor writes blog posts and a copy editor reads and edits the blog posts to approve them to be posted online.

The main focus of BG Authors at this current time is content production and recruitment.