City council passes mask mandate for Bowling Green


COVID-19 mask

Shaelee Haaf and Shaelee Haaf

On July 14, Bowling Green City Council held a special meeting to discuss ordinance 8861, which requires face coverings in certain public places in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to declare a public emergency.

All seven council members along with the approval of Mayor Mike Aspacher, voted unanimously to pass a mask mandate. The ordinance will remain in effect until Oct. 31, when city council will reevaluate the situation and extend it if deemed necessary.

Face coverings include but are not limited to: bandanas, scarves, medical masks, cloth masks, respirators, N95 masks or other personal protective equipment that cover the mouth, nose and chin in accordance with CDC standards.

As stated in section one of the ordinance, all individuals in the City of Bowling Green will be expected to wear a mask during these situations:

  • When entering, exiting, waiting outside in line or while inside a business open to the public, including all facilities within the business open for public use.

  • When entering, exiting, waiting outside in line or while inside a government building or facility open to the public.

  • When in a public transportation vehicle such as a bus, taxi or rideshare service.

  • When outside, but unable to maintain a distance of six feet from another person not part of their household.

There are a few exceptions where an individual will not be required to wear a face covering:

  • Any person who cannot wear a mask due to a medical or mental health condition, special needs or developmental issue.

  • Any person who cannot remove a mask without assistance.

  • Any person under six years old.

  • Any person who should not wear face coverings according to CDC guidance.

  • Restaurant guests who are eating or drinking at their table.

    • NOTE: Should the guest leave their table, a face covering will be required.

  • While receiving dental, medical treatments or while swimming.

A violation of these requirements will result in a warning or a $50 fine per offense, however, Police Chief Tony Hetrick said officers will be given discretion on whether or not they issue a citation; they will also carry masks to give to people with no face covering.