Streaming in September: What to watch this month


What to watch – Graphic by Brionna Scebbi

Andrew Bailey and Andrew Bailey

With a new semester starting during a pandemic, this academic year can be especially stressful. Check out some of these streaming picks for the month to hopefully alleviate some anxiety.

‘Get On Up’

Streaming on: HBO MAX

“Get On Up” chronicles influential singer James Brown’s rags to riches story. With Chadwick Boseman in the starring role, and Dan Aykroyd and Viola Davis among the other actors rounding out the cast, “Get On Up” is a music biopic with a heart and soul not seen in many others. It is currently streaming on HBO MAX.

In his brief but impactful film career, Boseman played some of the most iconic figures in history and in fiction. And like these powerful characters he portrayed, he has cemented his own place in history as a modern actor who exuded confidence, calmness and courage all at once.


Streaming on: Hulu

Starring Lamorne Morris of “New Girl” fame, “Woke” follows Keef, an African American cartoonist who is inching closer and closer to the widespread recognition he desires. That is until an incident with the police turns everything upside down, and the cartoons he draws and the world he lives in start to become indistinguishable. As racism, prejudice and the activism that fights against these issues begin crashing into his world of lighthearted drawings, his simple life of cartoons becomes a struggle to hang onto his sanity and deal with his changing perspective. The first season will be available to stream on Hulu on Sept. 9.

‘The Boys’

Streaming on: Amazon Prime

On Sept. 4, the irreverent take on contemporary superheroes returns, as the titular Boys are public enemies and the superhero conglomerate they seek to destroy only grows in power. Season two will introduce a new member of The Seven, Stormfront (Aya Cash), who looks to clash with Homelander’s calmly psychotic leadership.


Streaming on: Disney+

After being among the many feature films postponed by the coronavirus pandemic, Disney seems to be emulating theatrical release windows, as “Mulan” will be available to Disney+ owners on Sept. 4. who purchase Premier Access, an add-on service of $30 that allows subscribers to watch new releases before they are available to all subscribers of the streaming service.

Despite mixed opinions on this streaming model, “Mulan” continues the trend of Disney’s animated classics receiving the live-action treatment. Taking the place of her sick father in China’s army, Mulan masquerades as a man to defend her country from hostile invaders, breaking down gender barriers and realizing her true potential along the way.