7 fashion trends to try this fall


Fall Fashion – Photo by Eartha Cranston via Pixy

Amelia Roberts and Amelia Roberts

Summer has come and gone, and although some will miss it (despite spending the majority of it inside) it’s now time to get excited for fall. Fall has a lot of great aspects, whether that be pumpkin patches, carving jack o’lanterns, scary movies or pumpkin-spiced lattes. It’s just a great time. And one of the best things that comes along with fall is the fashion. Fall is such a cozy and fun time and the fashion follows suit. Here are a couple of the fashion trends you might see this fall:

Tennis Skirts and Sweatshirts

This specific outfit has already been gaining popularity, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. This trend consists of an oversized sweatshirt with a collared shirt underneath, paired with a flowy tennis skirt. The layered top will keep you cozy on cold days, and if that’s not enough, you can add cute tights underneath to keep warm. 

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants were a big trend last fall, and it hasn’t changed for 2020. The plaid pants give you a sophisticated, professional look, while still being casual. You can dress them up more with a blouse or blazer, or you can dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers. 

Bell-Bottom Jeans

Funky pants have gained increasing popularity over the years. High-waisted jeans have been a classic trend; however, bell-bottom jeans are making a comeback from the 70s. They’re fun and flowy, and can give your outfits a definite boost in good vibes. 

Chunky Necklaces

Chunky necklaces are coming in full force this year. A big trend right now is athleisure, but chunky necklaces add some flair. Jewelry is the perfect way to dress up any outfit. Wear a big oversized sweatshirt, and immediately make it look dressed up with a big, chunky necklace. 

Early 2000s 

The early 2000s are a big trend for this fall; everything from small arm purses to butterfly clips. While there were countless horrible trends from the 2000s —  low waisted pants, for instance— that should definitely not come back. Lots of colors, especially pink, sparkles and funky t-shirts are a few gems from those years you’ll be seeing a lot of this fall.  

Oversized Clothing

Oversized clothes are the comfiest, and they’ll keep you super warm. A pair of oversized pants paired with an oversized sweatshirt gives you a very cool, laid back look. Plus, of course, this outfit will keep you super warm and comfy all fall long. 

Chunky Sneakers and Boots

Chunky shoes are the perfect way to add a little extra spice to an outfit. You can use them to dress down an outfit. For instance, a pretty dress can have a cool, laid back vibe when you pair it with chunky sneakers. Chunky boots can also give you a cool look with a little bit more edge.