Don’t beat yourself up for not meeting last year’s resolutions


New Years 12/31

Vaughn Cockayne and Vaughn Cockayne

My resolution last year was to build on my journalism skills and to better the profession. I most definitely fulfilled my aspirations and added so much not only to my personal skills but to my resume as well. Yet, at the end of the year, I feel as though I didn’t do enough. Even though I upheld two editorial positions and contributed a fair amount to the publications on campus and did well academically in my journalistic classes, it doesn’t feel like enough. 

My resolution for this year is to give myself more credit. It always feels as though I fall short of goals that I want. For example, I wanted to start a podcast this semester that could be posted on that never materialized. The number of factors that contributed to this are too many to count, but now, at the end of the year, I can’t help feeling that I could have worked harder to get it done. But I know that if I hadn’t been flexible then I would have gone insane trying to balance my minimum wage job, class assignments, Key Magazine, the BG News and a podcast. 

I plan on making the goals for my career and personal life the same as last year: to always do the best work possible and always try new things. Yet, when I don’t meet all of my own unrealistic expectations I will try and see that they were just that: unrealistic. 

This resolution also goes hand in hand with not holding so much reverence for numbers. I should be more concerned with quality over quantity. A good example of this was when I set out to read more last year. Where I was concerned with the number of books I was reading instead of actually understanding or enjoying the ones I was reading currently. I rushed through things and maybe didn’t understand or appreciate them fully. 

Overall the theme of 2020 for me is to take my time. To appreciate what I have and what I am doing to the fullest. To try my hardest to accomplish interesting and new things to me. And to not beat myself up too much if I’m not perfect at the end of the semester.