Ideas to deck out your dorm room


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Casey Paluch and Casey Paluch

Living at college can be challenging. Many underclassmen have to adjust from living at home to a tiny dorm room and many upperclassmen have to adjust to living in their own houses or apartments. Hopping around to new living environments can be hard to make your living space your own, especially on a budget. As students start planning for the return to school, here are some ways to decorate living spaces without breaking your wallet. 

Posters and tapestries

Posters and tapestries are a great way to add your own style to a blank wall. These can range from anything to a poster of your favorite band or sports team, or to scenic photos of the mountains or ocean. is a great website to find a wide range of posters. The posters are organized into many different categories. They range in price, however the clearance section has many hidden gems as low as $5.99.  For tapestries and other wall decor, Etsy and Amazon have many great and affordable options


Although lights serve a functional purpose in your living space, they can also add a decorative element. For a little over $13, these hanging string lights from Amazon add a cozy sparkle to any room. They are lightweight, which make them easy to hang anywhere like over your bed, in a window or by your desk. 

If you’re looking for a bit more vibrancy, try these color-changing strip lights to add a pop of color to any room. These are stick-on strips so they’re easy to apply to walls, desks, beds or even closets. They look great lining posters or the back of a TV. Both of these lights are LED-powered meaning they’re more energy efficient, which can help lower electric bills.

Cute organization

With small rooms and busy lifestyles, college living spaces can become messy and unorganized fast. Try turning storage units into decorations. Mason jars can add a cute, antique look and store anything from pens, pencils, makeup or snacks. Mason jars can be found at many different stores, however if you’re looking for a larger supply, Wal-mart has a pack of 12 for just $10.

Another idea is using an over-the-door shoe organizer to create more storage. This can be both decorative and practical. While it can hold loose objects such as hats, water bottles and sunglasses, it can also hold those mason jars or small plants to give it a more decorative look. 

If you are looking to be a bit crafty and add a personal touch, sites such as Pinterest, Instructables, DIY Network and Vintage Revivals offer great DIY ideas for your living space.