Wood County determines new procedures for jury trials during pandemic


Bowling Green Courthouse

Shaelee Haaf and Shaelee Haaf

According to a press release from the Wood County Courts, Wood County common pleas and municipal judges have consulted with the WCHD on procedures for jury trials that maintain social distancing and other steps to ensure these procedures align with public health guidance. Recommendations were also incorporated from a statewide working group of law and health officials that determined what steps were needed to keep courtrooms safe.

Courtrooms will be arranged in a way that allows people to maintain at least six feet of distance from each other, hand sanitizer will be provided, masks will be required and surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

Judge Matthew Reger said, “Jurors called to serve in the Wood County Court of Common Pleas can be confident that all measures have been taken to ensure everyone’s safety during a jury trial. By working with the Health Department, courthouse maintenance, courthouse and court complex security, jury commissioner and following Ohio Supreme Court guidelines, we can respect constitutional protections and protect the health of citizens.”

Judge Reddin added, “As the Bowling Green Municipal Court continues operations, the public can be sure that the court is serious in protecting the health of all participants during essential jury trial proceedings.”

Any juror who has been called to serve and has questions about any of the measures instituted by the Wood County Court of Common Pleas may call the jury office at 419-354-9620. Questions regarding jury service with the Bowling Green Municipal Court can call 419-352-5263.