Roseanne is a Trump supporter in series premiere

Chase Bachman and Chase Bachman

America has made it known what it wants to see and what it doesn’t want to see. When it comes to our movies, books and television, we want the content to align with our values. We only choose to consume things that agree with our agenda. If we come into contact with something that perpetuates an idea or an ideology with which we disagree, we dismiss it as morally wrong. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it almost certainly hurts the free expression of ideas and prevents the representation of a large segment of the country.

This is once again the case, this time with the revival of the ABC-sitcom “Roseanne.” The working-class comedy that starred Roseanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert from 1988 to 1997 was immensely popular in its original run. It garnered a top 5 spot in the ratings for most of its seasons, a position that made perfect sense. Its blue collar humor about a Illinois family resonated with viewers who lived in the middle of the country, the same territory that Donald Trump dominated in the 2016 Presidential election.

So it’s no surprise when the comedian Barr revived her white, middle-class, midwestern motherly character and updated her to be a Trump supporter. If you ever watched the show “Roseanne,” you’d get the sense that characters in that show are supporters of Trump. You may not understand why, but that’s what the show and Trump have in common.

A lot of people fail to understand what exactly people like about the show or Donald Trump, but it simply resonates with a lot of people. They feel represented. That’s something they say that other politicians (and television shows) have failed to do in the past.

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I don’t support many of the policies of Trump, but I at least allow people who support him the opportunity to share their views. We can at least entertain ideas before dismissing them. When Barr premiered Tuesday night as the Trump-supporting Roseanne Conner of Lanford, Illinois, she not only opened up a political conversation, she also remained authentic to her character. That I feel is just as important.

When so many people in middle-class America support Trump, it only makes sense to have the quintessential working class comedy and lead character be a representation of those people. It’s authentic to have a pro-Trump Roseanne, because it would certainly be odd if her character didn’t at least say something about the President once every couple of episodes.

Imagine if “All in the Family” were revived in the present day. Archie Bunker was the classic conservative, racist, anti-gay character and he was wildly popular because he represented the feelings of many people of the time. If Bunker were alive today, he absolutely would have been a Trump supporter. In a hypothetical revival, making him apolitical or even left-leaning would be inauthentic.

If the ratings are poor, then it would likely mean the show doesn’t resonate with people like it once did. In which case, ABC has the right to cancel it, but I commend them for at least giving the show a chance.

We can ultimately disagree with the ideas put forth by Trump supporters. It’s important, however, to at least have a television show with characters who hold those viewpoints. As someone who leans left, I think it’s essential to have the Roseanne character share her viewpoints. It represents America more accurately, even if I’m in disagreement with a lot of Americans. Not everything has to align with our idea of what is and isn’t right.