Candidates campaign for upcoming USG election

Ryan Luchene and Ryan Luchene

The elections for the University’s new USG president and vice president, as well as senatorial seats, are underway this week.

Elections begin on Monday, March 19 at 8 a.m. and continue through noon on March 22.

Undergraduate students will receive an email message the of morning of March 19 with a link that will allow those to vote in the election.

To help students understand the platforms of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, USG hosted a debate.

The candidates that were present were Hannah Cubberly (P) and Marcus Goolsby (VP); Eugene Gorman III (P); Rachel Renou (P) and Nijah Slaughter (VP); Alex Vail (P) and Drew Dutson (VP); and Hannah Wirth (P) and Kinsey Zdunczyk (VP).

Those in attendance tweeted their questions with the hashtag #qusg2018 or just submitted a question through a form online on the campus website. This gave students an opportunity to get to know their candidates and what their goals would be if they should get elected.

One of the questions asked was: how will your administration collaborate with campus partners to increase student engagement?

“A group we want to work with more closely is the BG News,” presidential candiadate Hannah Cubberty said. “We feel that we as students on student government have really great relations with the administration, and we want to make sure that the BG News and Falcon Media are also able to report and use their resources to make sure students are aware of what’s going on.”

When asked what actions USG could take to improve relations with stakeholders, University administration, University staff, student organizations and students themselves, Rachel Renou assured her and Nijah Slaughter will make sure that their needs are there to help fix things.

“We have already started doing that by going to other organization meetings for them to give us questions and suggestions about what they feel like they need on campus,” Renou said.

Also asked of the candidates was if they were elected, what would be the first initiative that the administration would work on?

The duo of Alex Vail and Drew Dutson plan on addressing campus safety problems that not only goes through BG but other campuses as well.

“That first initiative means working with Residence Life to finding a way to help change and mold their awareness programs that have incoming students work with as well as other areas of concern like cultural awareness on campus,” Vail said. Their goal is to help people feel safe and want to stay living in the area.

The results will be calculated and announced at noon on March 23 in the Falcon’s Nest (if any technological problems come up, the date will be pushed to March 26).