Local musician Eddie has big plans

Eric Hann and Eric Hann

Most people have a dream of where they want to go in life, but few have the courage to go after that dream. This is not the case for James Hensley, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of local band Crazy Eddie.

Hensley has been playing guitar and singing for the past 10 years, and doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon. Crazy Eddie is a regular at Howard’s and Nate and Wally’s Fish Bowl in Bowling Green. Hensley is originally from Port Clinton, but moved to Bowling Green when he saw the music scene was booming here. “I think the students have appreciation for original music,” Hensley said. While writing lyrics for the band, Hensley draws from how he is feeling at the time. For him writing lyrics is a process, and fans are supposed to draw their own conclusions from them.

“It is very catchy, and not like any other music in Bowling Green,” said Trevor Sharp, who has been going to Crazy Eddie shows for the past few years. The band’s music has been described as sounding like an upbeat version of Dave Mathews by some fans, but Hensley wouldn’t put his band in any certain category.

The band plays so many shows they don’t even feel the need to practice off the stage. The entire band is always confident that they are going to put on a good show. “It’s not like there is going to be a train wreck or anything,” Hensley said.

Hensley’s most memorable show was when the whole band dressed up as characters from the film “A Clockwork Orange” for Halloween last year. This year they dressed up like a hair band from the ’80s.

The band doesn’t make very much money playing at small bars, but the money they do make helps pay for the production of their albums. Crazy Eddie is working on a new album, which should be finished soon.

Hensley is always pinning up flyers on campus and passing them out to local businesses to help draw attention to the band. Crazy Eddie also has a website that helps inform fans when they are going to be rocking a stage near them.

Even though Crazy Eddie has a devoted local fan base, the band is going to start playing more often in other areas south of Bowling Green. Hensley isn’t planning on moving too far south because he doesn’t want to loose the local fans.

Hensley doesn’t only play for the chance at fame, he also has an appreciation for the music he plays. “As long as it’s fun it all pays off,” Hensley said.