Business college looks for new dean

By Jo Ann Schultz


The College of Business Administration’s present dean, Jim Sullivan, is stepping down and going back to the department of Applied Statistics and Organizational Research. The college is now in search of a new dean and this week has been a chance for potential candidates to present what new ideas and implementations they can offer the college.

Yesterday’s fourth candidate, Dr. Rosemary Ramsey, presented her ideas and what she would do to enhance the business department. Dr. Ramsey is currently a professor at Cleveland State University and has been interim dean of their marketing department for two years. She has worked for multinational company NCR in their corporate headquarters and has also done direct sales for them.

Ramsey has been searching for positions for dean all across the country and has been selective. ” I got into this for the reason that many of us do. You’re going to change a life. You can make a difference in students or faculty and it’s very rewarding.”

What drew her to the University was its ability to move forward and not have to come in to fix a lot of problems. “The most important thing to me at looking at Bowling Green is looking at forward progression.” She also wanted to avoid a union and the University isn’t unionized. Her present place of employment, Cleveland State University, is unionized and according to Ramsey has brought many problems to faculty members.

There were many ideas Ramsey brought to the table. She enthusiastically presented what she would like to see be done with the department such as curriculum, delivery mechanisms, partnerships and collegeality.

Her ideas regarding curriculum included collaboration with other parts of the university such as expanding health care to the MBA program. She would also like to see the new entrepreneurship program and international programs expand. “I would like to initially do some grant writing for the international programs and do some things with international entrepreneurship,” Ramsey said.

Other ideas were distance education and the thought of bringing corporate industries and responsibilities to the classroom. As for collegiality, “I think you need a sense of community,” Ramsey said. Her ideas for this were brown bag seminars, book clubs, social outings and athletic events with alums. “What I want to do fairly quickly is bring some money in. I also think we can do something to contacting alumni.”

Matt Ruhlin, a sophomore business accounting major, said, “I thought she’s a great candidate!” Ruhlin felt that among the other candidates, Ramsey did some research on the University before presenting. “She’s neck and neck with the last guy,” Ruhlin said.