Do you want any freedom fries?

Has anyone ever heard of freedom fries? If not, I bet you have eaten some freedom toast for breakfast. Don’t be too confused. The food we are referring to were formerly called french fries and french toast. So why the sudden allergy to the word French?

Bob Ney, chairman of the committee on House administration, decreed that “freedom fries” and “freedom toast” will be served in the cafeterias in the three House of Representatives’ office buildings. OK, now is the time to be confused.

Why would a U.S. politician use a propaganda tactic aimed at demonizing an ally? Let’s try and talk this out.

France has been in opposition to an American-led attack on Iraq from day one of the conflict. They were heavily involved in both world wars and they sustained heavy casualties throughout. The United States led the invasion of Normandy to liberate France from German occupation. We helped a torn country, a country that we have been allies with since the Revolutionary War, and now the U.S. government is trying to get Americans to hate the French.

This same tactic was used against Germany during World War II: sauerkraut was called “liberty cabbage,” hamburgers were called “liberty steaks,” German measles were called “liberty measles,” and dachshunds were called “liberty dogs.” There is one big difference between the two situations: France is our ally, not our enemy! Shouldn’t we be attacking Iraq with propaganda? Is this some immature idea for getting revenge on the French for not supporting our actions?

France exports more $500 million worth of materials to Iraq. That is almost one-fourth of France’s exports. It is no wonder they don’t want to attack the country that is one of its largest sources of national income. It is almost certain that the United States, if put in the same position, would make the same decision that the French have made.

Some people feel that the renaming of the aforementioned foods are a show of patriotism. Well, if we hate the French so much now, why not cover up the Statue of Liberty and close the French Quarter of New Orleans? If you think that these are absurd ideas then there is hope for us.

This renaming tactic is making the United States government look ridiculous. It almost feels like the president is using the nation to have a school yard name-calling contest to see who will cry first. It is rather sad.

Forget about “freedom fries” and “freedom toast.” Focus on the issue at hand: the threat of war with Iraq. Oh, if you get hungry while focusing, just order some french fries.