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The Advice Diva: Breadwinner’s still a slob (DIVERSITY) By Tara Solomon Knight Ridder Newspapers (KRT) Dear Advice Diva: My girlfriend is on the warpath over what she calls my slovenly ways. We share a two-bedroom apartment and I pay the rent. She buys groceries, takes our dog to the vet, etc. I’m not the neatest person, but shouldn’t I be allowed to be free at home when I’m the main breadwinner? _Adam Dear Adam: Whether we’re talking about minor infringements (i.e. leaving an occasional wet towel on the carpet) or major slob behavior (i.e., stashing the dinner dishes in the oven instead of washing them), it wouldn’t hurt you to pick up after yourself. But while you’re perfecting the art, we’d suggest keeping the harmony and hiring a housekeeper once a week _ or twice, if you can afford it. ___ Dear Advice Diva: My parents try to control everything I do. They won’t believe me when I tell them they have nothing to worry about. They even search my room. _Disgusted Dear Disgusted: Be grateful they care about you. You’ll be thankful years from now when you emerge healthy, happy and unscathed by many dramas that could have marred your life, such as drug addiction, sexual disease, arrests … need we go on? Why not try sharing more of your life with them. A little cooperation and gratitude will go a long way. ___ (Questions for the Advice Diva may be e-mailed to [email protected] or sent to The Advice Diva, The Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, 5th floor, Miami, FL 33132.) ___ ‘copy 2003, The Miami Herald. Visit The Miami Herald Web edition on the World Wide Web at Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.