Message to the war protestors

Brian Strait and Brian Strait

liked to see that you all got together and united for your cause to protest on South Main St. Maybe you understand what it’s like to be part of a group fighting for a certain cause. I have experienced what it’s like to fight, except I was fighting for the United States.

On the front page, there was a sign stating, “Patriots for Peace.” The definition from the American Heritage Dictionary of a patriot is: One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country. I would have expected before they used such a strong word, that they’d look it up. Especially when they have professors leading.

It’s kind of ironic that the professors’ funding for their overpaid paychecks come from our government. Also the government financial aid I’m sure pays for some of the protesters’ tuitions. By not supporting our troops, you’re turning your back on our government that makes you free. Do you think you could protest in Iraq? Of course, except you’d be assassinated for your beliefs, exactly like they are assassinating our POWs which also violates the Geneva Convention.

I don’t think these protesters even watch the news because their views and actions don’t make any sense to me. They say that they are sick of war and that the United States is just a bunch of bullies. What do they know about war? Have they ever been shot at on the battlefield, or had to face the family of the fallen soldier that made the ultimate sacrifice? I highly doubt it.

The real patriots who make our country free will experience it, and they don’t need to have our flag tainted by people who burn it or fail to embrace it. Some of their reasons for protesting is that they are afraid of the draft, yet they are willing to stand in front of recruitment offices and discard recruitment paraphernalia. Why would they care if other people are braver and are willing to make a choice to be part of something greater than them? If you’re afraid of the draft, don’t worry about it … the U.S. military doesn’t have a place for traitors.

I’m sick of hearing about all the viruses sent through the ROTC listproc. Why is it that we are in college now and people are still acting childish? Speaking of children, it seems that the increase in social class and the increase in knowledge makes people think that they are better than our government. You don’t see the youth of society or factory workers out there. Maybe a sociologist should analyze why that is. I remember when I was in grade school; I used to write letters to soldiers in the Gulf War. The children of society will give a better answer to what it means to be a American than the professors and protesters who seem to have no clue why we are at war but want to make their own opinions. Since I am a veteran and I earned the right to freedom of speech, I’ll give you my version of why we are at war. I’m sure everybody knows what it’s like to be picked on by a bully. Is the United States a bully, or is Iraq? Iraq is willing to create genocide and destroy their military for believing in something other than Saddam Hussein. You could compare Hitler to Hussein. If Hitler had weapons of mass destruction, the world wouldn’t be as we know it. If Hussein had Hitler’s power then the world wouldn’t be as we know it. It takes the patriotic United States to protect the innocent and the people getting picked on. What do you think would have happened in WWII if the United States had stayed out of it? There is a great responsibility to being a world power, and if people can’t respect or take charge of that responsibility, then just leave. If anyone doesn’t like the Commander-in-Chief of our military, then they shouldn’t vote for him. I ask anyone to please don’t stand in the way of people trying to become real heroes and patriots. If the protesters want a real challenge, try protesting to a steel mill down in Georgia. Good Luck!