How can society allow abortion?

A man by the name of Scott Peterson has been charged with killing his wife Laci Peterson and his unborn child who were both found after they washed up on shore. If convicted, he might get the death penalty. It is a common belief that the victim’s relatives deserve to get justice for this horrible crime. They not only lost a daughter, but also a grandson whose name was Connor. Despite what people think about the death penalty, it is right for the government to punish a person for such a crime. But wait a minute, this thinking does not make sense. How could an unborn child be murdered? It can be murdered because the unborn is very simply alive. Because of this fact, the state of California, where the case is being held, has a law stating that it is unlawful to kill an unborn child except in the case of abortion.

This law has major contradictions. What this law is really saying is that as long as the child is wanted then it is called murder to kill the unborn, but if the baby is not wanted then it is acceptable to stop the life of the fetus. It is allowed by state law to stop the beating heart of a live baby (within 22 days the heart starts beating). Of course California is not the only state that sees things this way.

There are many arguments for why abortion is and should be omitted from the law. First, even though scientists have agreed that life begins at conception, they do not agree on when a baby becomes a person. Some say that the developing baby is only a blob of tissue. Of course this is certainly not the case; it is legal in this country to kill a baby when the heart is beating. It also only takes three months to have all organ systems running, just look it up in any medical book. The baby is most certainly not a blob; countless pictures and sonograms have proven this fact. Some people will say the baby is not a person until it is born. This is like saying I am not a person if I have a bag over my head for the rest of my life because I am inside something and you cannot see my tears.

The other argument for abortion is that women should have the choice. We have the freedom to choose between right and wrong, but choosing the wrong should never be a right just like hating someone so much that you kill him or her is not a right. Sometimes women feel the desire to abort because they have other plans like a career so they decide to kill the child in their womb because they feel it is their “right” to. This so-called “right” not only kills the baby but also causes the mother to lose the chance to love someone more than words can say. It means losing the chance to hold a hand, to kiss and make a little one laugh. It means losing the chance to do more with their life than making money, working and then dying.

Of course an unplanned pregnancy, including one from rape, can be very scary and hard but once the life is there the only option to rid of the so-called problem is to kill the baby, that is the bottom line. You kill the life inside you that is growing and that would someday love you and smile and hug you along with you doing hopefully the same.

The question to ask then is how can this be acceptable? How can killing a person be better than letting two hearts beat where love will most certainly grow? Yes, people will always make the wrong choices and yes, we do have the freedom to choose, but how can a government, how can a society, be accepting of a crime so full of horror, like the case of Connor and Laci, in which the most innocent, beautiful and venerable human beings are being torn apart by the waves of a belief that it’s life does not matter?

I pray that all those who have aborted know that you can be forgiven and that you are loved despite your choice, or should be. But remember that two hearts beating is far better for the silence that no one wants to hear when the silence is the sound of death when it could have been the sound of a thousands giggles, a thousand laughs and a thousand sounds of life.