USG approves revised resolution

By Andrew Scharf


Undergraduate Student Government approved a new revised peace resolution during their general meeting last night.

Representatives from groups in opposition of the bill met and worked with those in favor to create the revised version. The students worked for more than two hours on the compromise during last week’s student welfare committee meeting.

“I didn’t like the resolution at all in its first or second draft,” said Michael Woodall, freshman member of the College Republicans. Members of the College Republicans helped to make compromises in the resolution. One of the main compromises was to drop the anti-war sentiment, leaving a bill that was strictly in favor of peace. The resolution now states that the United States should pursue peaceful diplomatic resolutions to conflicts until other means of achieving peace are deemed necessary.

The resolution also supports providing an unbiased dialogue at the University concerning conflicts such as the current situation in Iraq. It supports the troops involved in the conflict, as well as respecting opinions of others.

“I think it was important that a compromise was reached because it showed what kind of university this is,” Jeffrey Nolish, resolution author, said. “People are willing to listen to each other.”

During the USG meeting students spoke of the importance of passing the bill following the changes made.

“It is a very solid resolution, and it came from a lot of different ideas being shared, and I urge you to support it,” junior Heather Denlinger said.

Some members in the Senate did not believe USG was the forum for taking stances on controversial issues. Other senators then stated that the resolution did not take a stance on the conflict; it was simply in favor of the idea of peace. Nolish said he believes the resolution is something all students could agree on.

“I can’t think of anyone on campus that would be against a statement of respect and tolerance,” Nolish said.

Also during the meeting USG approved adding two dollars to the five-dollar optional fee for student legal services because the current fee no longer covered its expenses.

The meeting was the last official meeting for the current governing body. Next week new members will be sworn in. Three executive positions – chief administrator, chief of staff and treasurer – are still available for interested students. Applications can be found in the USG office located on the fourth floor of the Union. Applications should be put in the mailbox of Josh Kontak, who currently serves as the state and national liaison, in the USG office by Friday, with interviews being held Wednesday through Friday.