It’s an important time in history

Since grade school, we have been reading about wars in our history books. The Revolutionary War started it all. We sat in our seats as our teachers told us the stories of the high and mighty George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Dec. 25, 1776.

Another important war we all remember reading about is the Civil War. We learned that the Underground Railroad was not a railroad at all but was in fact a loose network of aid and assistance to slaves escaping from bondage.

We learned about World War II and tried to imagine the horrors of the Nazi Concentration Camps. We listened as our grandfathers told us their war stories about fighting in the armed forces.

We watched movies in history class about the Vietnam War. We viewed footage of college students protesting and opposing the long war.

We never thought any of this would happen in our lifetime. It was just something we read about in history books. The world was having problems but it had nothing to do with us … then Sept. 11 happened.

We are now living in a very important time not only in U.S. history, but in world history.

And what better place to be during this critical and significant time than at a college campus? We are now old enough to know what is going on and hopefully we care about it. This is the best place to be to inform ourselves, form our opinions and speak our minds.

The war that was never declared could quite possibly be over. The United States may indeed be doing what President Bush said it was going to do. Hopefully Iraq will be able to rebuild and will be independent in the near future.

The world is never going to be the same after this. International relations, the United Nations and American sentiments will be changed. This conflict will go down in history as a very important one.

Those of us at The BG News feel fortunate to work at a newspaper during this important time. We are glad to give many students and faculty members a forum to express their views on the war. In times like this it is important for people to be able to express and debate their opinions. It is only when we listen to others that we learn.

Our children and grandchildren will read about the terror of Sept. 11. They will read about the United States invading Iraq and civilians dancing in the streets. They will read about protests, casualties and evil dictators.

We are witnessing history in the making. When you grow up and look back at all this, what role would you have played?