Ask Captain RibMan

By Captain RibMan (aka John Sprengelmeyer and Rich Davis) (KRT) Dear Captain RibMan, I got in a BIG fight with this girl named Nomi. She said she hated me. I’m suing her, but I can’t find a good lawyer. Could you recommend one? If you don’t know any, will you be my lawyer? I know I could win! Thanks! _ Dave Dear Dave, Nomi is a weird name; it sounds Canadian. Is she Dutch? I once knew a girl named Poltre. Doesn’t that look like “poultry”? I couldn’t help but laugh every time I saw her. Anyway, on to your problem: Have you asked her to change her name? If she would, you would no longer get in a fight with a girl named Nomi. I don’t see why you are so focused on her name, however. Whatever problem you have with her name won’t be resolved if she changes her name, unless, of course, it is. What did I just type? Who cares… it is your problem, not mine. Good luck! _ Captain RibMan ___ (John Sprengelmeyer and Rich Davis are the creators of the comic strip, “Captain RibMan” and the humorous advice column “Ask Captain RibMan.” Questions for Captain RibMan may be e-mailed to [email protected]) ___ ‘copy 2003, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.