News of coalition forces securing the Iraqi capital of Baghdad received mixed reactions from University students yesterday. Some students in favor of the conflict were proud of the recent victories while students against the war were less enthusiastic of the latest developments.

Those in favor of the conflict noted the reaction of the Iraqi people. Iraqis in Baghdad toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein with the aid of a U.S. tank. Iraqis then began smashing it with sledgehammers. People in the streets of Baghdad shouted chants of “Bush, Bush, Thank You.” Coalition soldiers were hugged by the Iraqis as well.

“Until today, Iraqis did not seem too happy about us being there,” Alesha Pepin, senior education major, said. Students also displayed their frustration with France. The country has asked the U.N. to make sure they have a part in Iraq’s rebuilding process.

“I don’t think they deserve it,” said Eric Brack a freshman special education major, said. “If they are not going to fight for the country, then why should they help run it.” Students less enthusiastic with yesterday’s developments were unsure of the need for U.S. involvement in the conflict.

“We got ourselves into a civil war that really wasn’t our battle,” Maury Mountain, senior fine arts major, said.

“We are a beneficial aggressor, but we still are an aggressor,” senior theater major Asher McCord, said.

Some students saw the celebration as a display of the conquering attitude of the coalition forces. Mountain was upset by the actions of one U.S. soldier who draped an American flag over a statue of Hussein. Students saw this as an example of a less than liberating attitude.

“What is being portrayed in the news is that we are going over and conquering people,” Nicole Falk, sophomore accounting major, said.

Other students showed indifference to the conflict. These students believed the media is responsible for their indifference.

“It’s been a little morbid to watch the war,” said Becky Wittrock, junior apparel merchandising major.