Football needs some work

Zach Baker and Zach Baker

Football coach Gregg Brandon gave his team a B in its progress after the spring game on Saturday.

While Brandon said he was pleased with several areas of the team, he said that certain aspects are not where they need to be. Some of that is expected, according to Brandon, because of the team’s changes in coaches and personnel.

Brandon said the offensive line and running game were limited in the spring game because of several factors.

“Offensive line-wise, we are nowhere near where we want to be in the fall because of injuries,” Brandon said. “The running game isn’t where it needs to be because we didn’t run our quarterbacks with the ball in the spring and that’s a big chunk of our offense.”

Brandon said that quarterback Josh Harris, who was 20-29 passing for 164 in the Spring, is about on schedule with where he should be at this point in the offseason.

“He’s come along well,” Brandon said. “Josh has got to bring his A-game for us to win a championship…and he will.”

On the defensive side, Brandon said the squad is ahead of the offense because of eight returning starters and the same coordinator, Tim Beckman, while the offensive staff has many new coaches.

“The continuity is better over there right now,” Brandon said. “From an offensive standpoint there is more uncertainty…we kept things as simple as we could, mainly for the coaches…there are some players who know the offense better than the coaches. I thought they did a nice job this spring.”

On defense, Brandon said he was also impressed with the play of some of the new players on that side, including defensive end Devon Parks.

“Devon Parks is a kid that really stood out for us in spring drills,” Brandon said. “He was a real pleasant surprise.”

Brandon said he was a little disappointed with the special teams in the spring game, and said there were some holding mistakes. But Brandon also said that punter Nate Fry had a decent game and that kicker Sean Suisham “has kicked fairly well this spring.”