USG continues peace discussion

By Andrew Scharf


Undergraduate Student Government continued their discussion on the resolution for peace with members of the student body during last night’s general meeting.

USG will vote on the bill at next week’s meeting. The motion to hold voting for another week was made after the group read a revised version of the resolution.

The bill was reworked in order to diminish the anti-war sentiment in the bill. The revisions were made during the student welfare committee meeting. The revised bill now emphasizes supporting the idea of peace.

Graduate and undergraduate students participated in the discussion of the bill. Both those in favor and against the bill spoke.

Those in favor of the bill argued that it is not a statement condemning the conflict in Iraq. The resolution is intended to promote peace in society. Supporters believe peace, by whatever means, is desired by most.

“It’s safe to say that the majority of people at Bowling Green are in favor of a world at peace,” Matthew Ascah, graduate student in the department of popular culture, said.

Some argued that USG should not be addressing these issues, but rather should concentrate on campus matters.

“USG should focus on campus issues such as dining services, parking and lobbying administration to hold spending and not raise tuition,” said Greg Pitts, chairman of the College Republicans.

Others against the resolution saw it as detrimental to the country. The resolution is harmful to the level of support needed during times of conflict.

“It’s almost like backstabbing the government,” sophomore Tim Carroll said.

Holding the vote another week will give USG senators more time to discuss the issue with their constituents. The group does not want to vote without hearing more students opinion on the issue. “It is our job to accurately represent the ideas and beliefs of students at this university,” John Toman, USG senator, said.

Those wanting to voice their opinions can attend this week’s student welfare committee meeting on Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the USG office on the fourth floor of the Student Union.

Also during last night’s meeting, USG passed another resolution for sidewalk maintenance. The resolution lists nine sidewalks needing repair. These damaged sidewalks collect large amounts of water. The resolution notes that the damaged sidewalks hamper the ability for disabled students to navigate the campus.