Capture the Flag

By Kara Hull

Campus News Editor

Hoping to act as a unifying force this weekend, CRU is sponsoring an event designed to involve the entire campus — literally. And, as usual, it’s students leading the way.

“I always say that CRU is student-run and staff-directed,” Michael Brown, student adviser for CRU, said. “I just have to hold on tight for the ride.”

Spurred by an idea from event organizer Nick Gillispie, CRU will be sponsoring a campus-wide game of Capture the Flag Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. followed by a cookout. The event and cookout are free and open to any University student. The only areas restricted to participants are inside buildings and the Oak Grove Cemetery.

According to Gillispie, the event is a way to provide something for the campus as a whole. “We see it as a chance for us to do something for the University,” he said. “It’s a chance to gather students together and meet others. The event is open to everyone, so we want as many people to play as possible.”

CRU, comprised of students involved with countless other organizations on campus, hopes that this event will continue their efforts to build bridges at the University.

“I see CRU as the glue on campus,” Brown said. “We’re probably the most diverse group on campus and because of our connections, we thought we could pull it off.”

Organizers are counting on this advantage to get as many students involved as possible. Bo Kessler, president of Lamda Chi Alpha, is doing his part to get the Greek community to become part of the event.

“It’s going to be a good stress reliever and a chance to get our minds off of impending exams,” he said. “It’ll be a good opportunity to interact with the rest of the student body on campus.”

The game, which will follow traditional Capture the Flag rules, will also include judges who will determine the winners of various awards. T-shirts for the winners are currently being designed.

“They’ll throw an interesting twist into it,” Gillispie said. “They’re basically there to monitor the game, but they can do whatever they want.”

Thought to be the first organization to arrange a campus-wide Capture the Flag event, CRU’s main obstacle was to receive the proper approval from University officials. Working with the Office of Campus Involvement, Residence Life and Event Planning, they got permission — and funding from Pepsi Cola.

“I thought it was a neat idea,” Gordon Heminger, interim coordinator of student organization services, said. “It certainly takes a little bit of work in planning something like this. I’m interested to see how it works out.”

Participating students must sign a waiver and submit their ID number when they register. Any student who signs up and does not attend will have $10 charged to their Bursar account. With the inclusion of these safety measures, organizers are hopeful for a successful event. According to Heminger, liability should not be a concern for the University or CRU.

“I think they’ve covered all their bases,” he said. “I’m not at all that concerned because I think they’ve done all they can do to ensure a great event.”

Editor’s Note: For more information or to sign up to play Capture the Flag, visit CRU’s information table in the Union Lobby today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Check the Get a Life section throughout the week for confirmation of other times.