Ask Captain RibMan

By Captain RibMan (aka John Sprengelmeyer and Rich Davis) (KRT) Hey, Macdaddy, What TV screen should I buy? Flat or wide? Keep it real, Captain RibMan! C ya! _ gregh. ‘Sup, G-to-the-H? Dude, you totally have to go plasma. Check it, the picture quality is vastly superior, yo, and it just looks cool, aight? I was chillin’ with my brahs and watchin’ his 60-incher. It was like, BOOM, know-what-I’m-talkin’-bout? Ain’t no thang, dawg. Word. Good luck! Captain RibMan ___ (John Sprengelmeyer and Rich Davis are the creators of the comic strip, “Captain RibMan” and the humorous advice column “Ask Captain RibMan.” Questions for Captain RibMan may be e-mailed to [email protected]) ___ ‘copy 2003, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.