Howard’s Club H hosts EcoJam concert

Howard’s Club H will be hosting EcoJam, a benefit concert for area environmental organizations tonight starting at 9 p.m.

The event will feature local bands, Larry Valentine and the Cupids, Crazy Eddie, Mechanical Cats and the T-shirts.

“The event is all local– local bands, local venue and local environmental organizations,” Leventy Szentairalyi, concert planner, said.

The $5 cover charge for the event will be divided between the Wood County Citizens Opposed to Factory Farming and the Urban Environmental Institute.

According to Szentairalyi, one of the problems with factory farms is the accumulation of waste. A factory farm is a farm that uses large acreage of land. The organization continually fights against one area factory farm. The farm houses a large number of cattle.

Szentairalyi said that he believes that nine million gallons of waste has accumulated, and that it eventually creates runoff into the Maumee river.

“The nitrates in the runoff that end up in our drinking water have been proven to cause cancer,” Szentairalyi said.

Proceeds from the concert going to the WCCOFF will help to promote public awareness of factory farms through pamphlets, signs and newspaper advertisements.

The Urban Environmental Institute, is a group that tries to develop a more self-sustaining lifestyle. A lifestyle that is much more simple.

The group also sponsors a summer program for area fourth grade students. The program promotes environmental awareness and teaches the students about area plant and wildlife in the urban setting. The concert proceeds will be used to help fund the summer program.

This is the third year for the concert, which is organized by Szentairalyi. He is responsible for picking the organizations and bands, writing the promotion of the event and securing a venue.

“It has been my little baby the past few years,” Szentairalyi said.

Szentairalyi picked local bands that would draw the biggest crowd possible. Some of the performers are friends of Szentairalyi who share similar interests. John Zibbel of Mechanical Cats is one performer who feels strongly about the event.

“This is something I really believe in,” Zibbel said. “I like playing benefit shows because it’s a good way of raising money.”

The event is sponsored by the Environmental Action Group, an organization based on campus. The group does a variety of volunteer activities, including spending a day cleaning up the Portage river. The group holds weekly meetings every Wednesday at 9 p.m.

“We try to promote environmental awareness and teach how a person’s daily life can affect the environment,” Szentairalyi said.