Reality on the Road

By Samantha M. Sims


A local resident of Bowling Green recently received the opportunity of a lifetime, venturing to the South Pacific courtesy of MTV.

After attending the University for three years, Cara Zavaleta dropped out of school deciding that things were too boring for her. Seeking change, Cara went to an open audition alongside a friend who pressured her to try out with him.

Once at the audition her friend bailed out, but Cara, after making the journey to Cleveland, went through with the audition process. She survived five rounds of elimination between 30,000 people nationwide.

Cara was hoping for a spot on the reality series Real World but was offered a slot on the reality show Road Rules. She shared her thoughts on being selected: “I’m not sure if it was luck or destiny.” Whatever the case may have been Cara was on her way to the South Pacific for 10 weeks.

A major hit on the MTV network, Road Rules follows a hand picked cast on a journey through physically demanding challenges that include everything from bungee jumping to relay races against other teams. The cast performs these activities while residing and traveling together in a mobile home.

In regards to the physical demands, Cara remarks, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I could do the activities.” She shared that she is more of the color-coordinated, fashionable, high-heeled type, versus the tennis shoe wearing athlete who she thought the producers would be more interested in.

Cara explained that during the show there was “so much drama.” In order to get along, she said, “You have to compromise everything you know.” The participants are all from different backgrounds and must learn to not only get along, but live day-to-day with people they wouldn’t communicate with outside of the given circumstance.

Aside from the physical and social demand, the cameras are always rolling. Cara stressed that viewers should remember that they are watching six hours out of the total 24 hours a day for 10 weeks that are filmed.

Now that taping is complete, Cara remarked that being on the show has opened many doors in the world of public relations. She is being offered touring and speaking engagements at bars and schools nationwide. There has even been talk of a college tour that would include other cast members and possibly casts from previous shows.

“The show is as unrealistic as it is realistic,” she pointed out. “The situation is somewhat unrealistic in that seven people from various backgrounds are traveling together in a mobile home, competing in challenges, but realistic in the interactions and reactions that occur.”

Those who are fans of the show should definitely tune in, as well as those who may not be as familiar with the series. Cara reports that “This is the juiciest Road Rules yet.”