Music moves the soul

Eric Hann and Eric Hann

Q: When and why did you first begin playing guitar?

A: About five years ago because my buddies asked me to play in their band.

Q: Why do you think people should come to your show?

A: Because they’ll get to hear some good music. It is a chance to relax a little bit, and it is fun.

Q: Why do you play at Easy Street Cafe in Bowling Green so often?

A: Because Easy Street has a good atmosphere and crowd. I think more people should go to Easy Street Cafe.

Q: How would you describe your style of music?

A: I like to call it “Optimistic Emo.” It is borderline of Howie Day and John Mayer.

Q: Do any of your previous shows stand out in your mind?

A: Yes, when I played Mahall’s in Lakewood, Ohio, for the Cleveland Music Festival. It was awesome, everyone was having fun especially me. It was a big turnaround for me musically.

Q: Do you prefer playing solo?

A: I don’t prefer it, but I do enjoy it. If anyone is interested in playing with me, give me a call.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Make it through Bowling Green (secondary education major). I don’t really have a plan, whatever happens, happens.

Q: Have you always played acoustic guitar?

A: I started off with the electric. I decided to go to acoustic because so much of the music I listened to was acoustic. It is so much clearer.

Q: Where do you draw your lyrics from when writing a song?

A: My life. They are all about me, the people around me, and my experiences.

Q: What is your favorite song that you wrote?

A: I really like to play “Tomorrow Will Never Come.” I love the chorus, and it is really fun to play. It is about taking in every second you have with that special someone.

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