Americans need to take responsibility

People want a magical pill that will solve all of the economy’s problems, and nobody is willing to take the hard working steps towards getting them. We want everything fixed now, and if someone says they can do that, we buy into it. What will it hurt to sacrifice a little so that other human beings just like you and me can have the same freedoms that we take for granted? We have everything we need right in front of us to live a happy life. But by helping millions of suppressed people in Iraq, we are opening doors of opportunity and freedom to a whole nation of people, to build a foundation of freedom that every human being deserves.

The people of the United States need to stop being so selfish and give a little, just like the people who died to give us the freedom we have today.

Take a look at your lives and lifestyles. Are the things that make you unhappy and stressed, and lead to marital tensions and family brokenness a result of what the president proposes of Congress to pass, or are we just trying to take the first scapegoat that comes along? Half of the world’s population makes less than a dollar a day, and yet we Americans sit back and complain that we should not send our own army to help gain freedom for some other nation. We sit back in our comfortable environments and think that by having someone in office that shares our same opinion, all our problems are suddenly going to be fixed.

I know one thing about President Bush, and that is that he doesn’t make his decisions because he’s afraid of his opposition, and he doesn’t degrade everything the opposition says to make him look better. He merely stands up for what he believes. We need to open our eyes people to the political crap that governors, senators and congressmen alike are feeding straight to our faces, and we’re taking it just like bait.

Our unhappiness in our lives is a result to our own selfishness, our own mistakes, our own personal agendas. We live in a nation that says you don’t have to be accountable for your actions. You can strive to be the top dog, even if that means someone else is hurt or neglected. You can live a life of sexual immorality until you find “the right one,” and you don’t have to keep a commitment with your lifelong spouse just because you don’t get along anymore.

Basically the idea is, think only about yourself and how you’re going to make it in this world, with the least amount of accountability to human moral values and standards. That is the focus of the American society. And how many of you buy into these things? It’s your choice.

Only in these morals and values will there be peace. You can criticize individual groups or people, but nobody can criticize the awesome righteousness of our God. And when it all comes down to it, there is only one man at the top of this nation, and that is President Bush, and he’s doing his best to lead us. He deserves our respect. And I gladly support his judgment and his leadership. Sometimes it just takes a little to suck up some pride for once, put your respect behind Bush, not because you like him, but because he is our president, and at election time, if he hasn’t proven himself to you, then you can vote him out.

For the sake of the economy, success starts with you, not the government. The only thing people are willing to do these days is sit back and complain, and expect someone to bring all the solutions to them. The problems of America will only go away when we change our individual lives, when we start caring about more than ourselves and when we start living with some accountability to our actions. Visit the elderly, give up a coat or pair of shoes to some homeless person when you have 20 pairs piled up in your closet, think about the happiness of others over your own desires, and step out of your comfortable shell of friends and reach out to help people of other kinds and social statuses. This is where real love steps in and everyone is taken care of, not by socialism, not by communism and not by some act of Congress.