How can all of this be happening?

Have you watched the news lately? Are you aware of what’s going on around the globe today (besides possibly attacking Iraq)? After reading and listening to the latest news, we just have one question: What is wrong with the world today?

Mounir Motassadeq was convicted in Germany for aiding the terrorists in the Sept. 11 attacks. He is an accomplice to more than 3,000 well-thought-out murders. He is a terrorist.

According to, “In addition to the 3,000-plus counts of accessory to murder, he was convicted of five counts of attempted murder and bodily injury.”

This guy couldn’t have been convicted of anything worse. One would think he would surely be sentenced for life in prison, if not executed. He got 15 years.

That’s it. He is 28 years old. He will be 43 when he gets out of prison. He will still have most of his life to live. And he helped to plan attacks that killed thousands. Fifteen years is the most he could be convicted under German law. That just doesn’t seem fair.

If you didn’t hear about this conviction, you may have heard about the girl who was given the wrong heart and lungs for her body during a transplant surgery.

Jesica Santillan had surgery to replace her heart and lungs at Duke University Hospital on Feb. 7. The doctors gave her organs from a donor who had type-A blood. One problem: Jesica has type O-positive blood.

She is now in critical condition. Antibodies in her blood are trying to destroy the organs. If the doctors don’t replace them with ones that match her blood type, she will die. And what’s worse, she is only 17 years old.

Duke performs the largest number of lung transplants in the country. They have performed 20 heart transplants. How could they let this happen?

Isn’t it common sense to make sure that the heart and lungs are the same blood type as the patient? Isn’t that the first thing doctors look for when finding a donor match? It doesn’t make any sense. This should have never happened.

Speaking of weird things, what is wrong with Michael Jackson? But more importantly, why does everyone care so much? The man has not released a hit song in 10 years. Why is the media still so interested in him? Let us all move on. There are more important things to talk about.

A terrorist gets a relatively short sentence, a girl is given the wrong organs and the world is fascinated with a man who likes kids too much and is obsessed with plastic surgery. What is the world coming to? Sometimes you can’t help but wonder.