City’s proposal benefits students

It is almost a given that if you live in Bowling Green, whether it be on-campus or off-campus, then you have to walk more than ten minutes to get somewhere. Those who live far from downtown Bowling Green are guaranteed a nice long walk if they plan on going to one of the fine businesses.

If this applies to you, then keep on reading. The city of Bowling Green is asking the University shuttle service to extend its off-campus reach to downtown Bowling Green. Yes, the shuttle already stops at the Woodland Town Centre and Kroger. The proposed stops would be more considerate of people going to Easy Street Cafe or Howard’s Club H.

We here at The BG News encourage the University to consider the city’s proposal. So many people would benefit from the addition of bus stops.

Students on and off campus work at the businesses in downtown Bowling Green. Those who do not own a vehicle know the pains of having to leave for work 30 minutes early so that they have plenty of time to make the trek to work in the freezing winter weather. The additional stops would be very convenient for the students who fall under this category.

While the student employees are riding the shuttle to work, they could very well be sitting next to a student who is anticipating a nice hot cup of java from Panera Bread. That’s right. Students would now have more opportunities to go downtown for dinner or for a cd at Finders. The students would love it and the extra business would make store and restaurant owners smile.

Students who go to the dance clubs and bars would appreciate the transportation. The streets of Bowling Green would be a little safer as well because, hopefully, the inebriated people making their way home would take the shuttle rather than considering driving. The fewer cars would also open up parking spaces around town for the citizens of Bowling Green.

The additional stops would probably benefit on-campus students more than it would off-campus students. There are many students who do not have a vehicle here at school and those who do are sometimes reluctant to move their vehicle from the precious first row parking space.

Again, The BG News encourages the University to consider the city’s proposal. The proposed stops would have multiple benefits dealing with safety and convenience. Now, if we can only get the on-campus shuttle to come every seven minutes, then we would have a perfect shuttle system.