Taylor juggles track, studies at BG

Erik Bell and Erik Bell

Alicia Taylor is a student athlete in every sense of the phrase. Most of you know about Alicia Taylor the track star. But do you know about Alicia Taylor, the pre-med student?

Every day during the track season, Alicia Taylor is faced with one of the biggest juggling acts of a student. Taylor must juggle being a pre-med major with being a track star for the women’s track team.

Head coach Scott Sehmann says a lot of Taylor’s success can be credited to an outstanding upbringing.

“A lot of her ability to juggle school and athletics comes from the guidance she’s had at home,” Sehmann said. “Her parents believe in discipline and structure, and she is very structured and organized. She has a level head on her shoulders.” Sehmann also believes these qualities make her a successful runner.

“She doesn’t get too excited about one thing or another when they come up,” Sehmann said. “Whether it is competition, social life, school work, or exams, she manages those things real well.” “That kind of person does real well in our sport because it is one of great control. You can’t be too high or too low on any given day.” Track Star

When Alicia Taylor was five- years-old, Alvin Taylor took his daughter to the track. It was there that he discovered the talent that his daughter had.

Alicia ran around the whole track without stopping at her young age, and it was then and there that Alvin Taylor realized his daughter was going to be a runner.

This also became apparent to Taylor’s classmates in elementary school.

“My goal was always to beat the boys,” Taylor said.

Taylor achieved her goal. She won the award not just for the fastest girl in elementary school, but the fastest person overall, leaving the boys in the dust.

Taylor proceeded to blow past the competition in high school. At Cleveland Heights High School, Taylor was part of second place state finishes in the 400 and 800 meter relay teams. She also earned all-league and all-Ohio honors.

Taylor has shown steady improvement throughout her career as a Bowling Green Falcon.

It started in the 2001 Mid American Conference Indoor Championships when Taylor was a freshman. Taylor finished sixth in the 60 meter hurdles with a season best time of 8.65 seconds. She also posted three second place finishes that season in the 60 meter hurdles. She had the Falcons’ best times in the 55 and 60 meter hurdles, as well as the 200 meter dash.

In the 2002 MAC Indoor Championships, she posted the same time of 8.65 seconds in the 60 meter hurdles that she had posted in the 2001 Championships.

It was in the 2002 outdoor season where Taylor blossomed. She started the season with three first place finishes in the 100, 300, and 400 meter hurdles. She held the top times in those three events for the Falcons in the 2002 outdoor season.

Her improved performance has carried over to the current indoor season. In the first meet of the season, Taylor finished first in the 60 meter dash and third in the 60 meter hurdles. She followed that up with a first place finish in the 60 meter hurdles at the Central Collegiate Championships.

Most recently, Taylor finished second in the 60 meter hurdles in the All-Ohio Championships.

Taylor is already the school record holder in the 60 meter hurdles and 60 meter dash.

Sehmann says Taylor’s improvement is easy to see.

“She has improved over the hurdles and her strength in between the hurdles,” Sehmann said. “Mentally she has a stronger head on her and is more confident in her abilites.”

“She is one that people look to for leadership. Other teams know they are going to have to deal with her in competition.”

Taylor points to her confidence in herself as the reason for her improvement and success.

“Before a race, I am always pumping myself up, and that makes me run better,” Taylor said. “When I am hurting or not excited about running, I don’t run as well.” School Star

However, there is more to Taylor than simply running.

“I always have wanted to help people somehow,” Taylor said. “When I was little, I had the Fisher Price doctor set with the latex gloves, so I’ve always wanted to be a doctor and help people.” In high school, besides running, Taylor was named all-conference in volleyball and was a member of Key Club, Unity, yearbook and chorus.

Now, Taylor is majoring in pre-med here at Bowling Green, and it is tough to juggle sometimes.

“It’s very challenging right now, there have been lots of reckless nights,” Taylor said. “In the off-season it’s not that bad, and I have my weekends free. But right now it is very stressful.” However, Taylor has managed to find a way to ease her burden a little.

She is currently doing her research on the characteristics of women sprinters. Thus, she is able to do a lot of her research at practice.

Anything Is Possible

It might seem like a huge workload for anyone. However, Taylor received a little advice from her mom that has helped her through these stressful days.

“My mom always said that you can do anything if you put your mind to it,” Taylor said.

It sounds like something straight out of “Rudy”. It is very appropriate for the story of Alicia Taylor.