Formal benefits the kids

As March draws near, a special University event comes into sight. On March 29, “Midnight in Paris,” a formal dinner and dance, will take place on campus.

The formal was born when council members were searching for a theme that was both romantic and appealing to many people.

“I have a friend who is absolutely in love with France and he gave me the idea and we went with it,” Leighanna Adams, formal chair, said.

A professional disc jockey will be providing the music.

A professional photographer will also be at the dance to take pictures of those who are interested.

During the dance, a royal court will be announced.

Nominations for the court were based on applications. The royalty committee is in charge of deciding the royalty and the crowning ceremony.

The proceeds from the dance will benefit Dance Marathon.

“The purpose of the formal is to raise money for Dance Marathon in an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and fun for the participant,” Adams said.

According to Ashlee Rauckhorst, catering committee chair and member of Compton/Darrow Hall Council, the decision to raise money for Dance Marathon was an easy one because it is one of the largest fund-raisers on campus.

“We chose to benefit the dancers and moralers in the hall,” Rauckhorst said.

All of the money that the dancers and moralers raise through the University’s Dance Marathon goes to the Children’s Miracle Network.

“I would like everyone to know how much Kreischer Compton/Darrow appreciates all the help and support we have received around campus,” Rauckhorst said.

The formal, sponsored by Kreischer Compton/Darrow Hall Council, will begin at 6:30 p.m. in 101 Olscamp Hall. Tickets are $10 and include the price of dinner including such choices as roast beef, turkey, ham, pasta primavera and garden lasagna.

During the dinner, the men of Phi Mu Alpha fraternity will sing and perform jazz music.

At 8 p.m., students will then move to the multi-purpose room in the Student Union for the dance, which lasts until 12 a.m.