SBC seeks applicants for next school year

Stefanie Steele and Stefanie Steele

The Student Budget Committee is curently looking for applicants for the 2003-2004 school year. The committee makes decisions regarding funding for nearly 100 student organizations.

During the last weekend in March the Student Budget Committee will make decisions on appeals from various student organizations on campus. SBC will decide how much money each organization will receive in order to keep it operating during the next year.

The SBC is a student-run organization that has existed for several years now.

Gordy Heminger, Interum Coordinator of Student Organization Services for the Office of Campus Involvement explains that the commitee consists of both graduate and undergraduate students.

“The undergraduate students serve two-year-long terms, and the graduate students serve one-year-long terms,” Heminger said. “Each year six undergraduates leave the SBC, while six members are retained,” Heminger said.

Anyone can apply, however, before students apply they should be certain that they will be attending the University long enough to fulfill the length of their term.

The students who apply to be committee members will be appointed by the Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student Senate, and the Vice President of Student Affairs, based on recommendations from the Office of Campus Involvement.

According to the OCI Web site, The SBC is “in charge of recommending allocations of general funding dollars for registered student organizations.”

The Web site for OCI also includes an application for new committee members, as well as information regarding the application process that student organizations must follow in order to request and receive money from the SBC.

Student organizations that appeal their case before the SBC will be notified of the the funding allocations by May 1. The funds will be available to the organizations beginning July 1.