Student trustee applications available

Scott Niles and Scott Niles

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is currently taking applications for a new student trustee.

Every two years, a new student trustee is selected. This person is responsible for representing students on the highest University governing board–the Board of Trustees. Every major University decision must be cleared through the board– for things like tuition costs, academic policies and capital improvements.

The student trustee is a very important position within the undergraduate student body. This individual is the person to whom the Board of Trustees turns to the most to identify what the student body most wants.

“A student trustee covers three entities. It represents the student body, Bowling Green State University as a whole and the state of Ohio,” said Jarrod Hirschfeld, current student trustee. Time is an issue, but if you have good time management skills like Hirchfeld you will be able to pull off the job.

Between past and present Hirchfeld has been a Residential Advisor in Founders, a University ambassador, a member of the dean’s advisory council and current president of the economics club.

Hirschfeld’s term ends in May when another student trustee will be appointed.

Among many other tasks a student trustee is most responsible for bringing students’ opinions and voices to the Board of Trustees.

“The student trustee serves as a liaison between University students and board members” USG president Sarah Saccany said.

A student in this position must have very good communication skills, as well as good time management skills and other social characteristics, according to Hirschfeld.

“This is a very dedicated position, where you can gain better communication skills as well as building a relationship with professionals,” said Hirschfeld. “It was absolutely a great experience for me.”

USG is looking for candidates with some experience in this field, who have a GPA of at least a 2.5 and are Ohio residents.

Other requirements for this position can be found on applications, which can be obtained outside the door of the USG office which is located — 404 in the Bowen Thompson Student Union. For more information on this position, contact the USG office.