Attitude is most important in supporting team

We hoped it would go on forever, but no football team is perfect. Our Bowling Green Falcons have suffered a devastating loss at the hands of the Miami RedHawks. The Falcons will be concentrating on bouncing back and bringing in a victory next week and we as fans need to do the same thing.

As I walked around campus today all I heard was griping. “How could we lose?” Was one of the questions on people’s minds, but more importantly, “Who can we blame?”

I am ashamed to say that I joined a few of these conversations. I bad-mouthed performances and did anything to try to explain how an ugly game like that came to be. However, I realized that it is easy to talk bad about a team when they are on TV dropping passes or losing the ball, but these people are real people. They are our fellow students and friends.

I saw this same kind of attitude last year when Northern Illinois handed us our first loss. The very next game the fan base collapsed; we lost faith in our team, and they lost faith in themselves dropping the majority of their remaining games. If we want to avoid another breakdown like we had last year we need to get out there next week and support our team like we did when they were undefeated. A season does not become useless after one loss.

There is still a lot of football to be played in this conference, and though there are no ESPN2 TV cameras and famous commentators next weekend; I urge students to show our team that they still have the support they need by packing Doyt Perry stadium and rooting them on against Kent State.